Gravity Shielding in Finland

gravity_shieldingCryogenic Gravity Shielding

News reports about gravity “shielding” experiments, at Tampere University in Finland,  show a small drop in the weight of objects placed over a special cryogenic device, as if it were shielding the object from the effects of gravity – an effect deemed impossible by most scientists. 

“We thought it might be a mistake”, Dr. Podkletnov said, “but we have taken every precaution”.  Yet the bizarre effects persists.


Any Explanations?

Theoretical explanations of the Tampere experiment have been proposed in a paper by Dr. Giovanni Modanese of Italy.  It is essentially quantum gravity, a very esoteric and not totally convincing.  Dr. Ning Li and Dr. Douglas Torr at the University of Alabama, Huntsville are also doing some research in this area.

However, these are all very complicated attempts at trying to understand the effect.  Could there be another but much simpler explanation?

This gravity effect is being claimed as one of gravity shielding, but I  believe the effect is one of moving electrical charges relative to a stationary reference frame, causing an electrogravity field effect.  Feel free to read notes from the Tampere experiments as well as read the white paper on an electric field with similar properties to that of gravity.

-Nils Rognerud
Founder of

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