Renewable Energy Sources Exceeding 50% Electricty Production…..

In several countries renewables are fast approaching or have exceeded 50% of electricity production. The US is a long way behind – with only 14.94% renwable energy sources – but new enabling technologies are emerging in some states.

The UK sets new renewable energy record as wind and solar surge meet more than half of the UK’s electricity demand. The record 19.3GW output of renewable energy was enough to meet more than 50pc of midday power demand which reached 35.4GW.

And, Spain is closing in on 50% renewable power generation.  Over the first eight months of 2016, Spain averaged an impressive 47.2 percent renewable energy share in its generation mix.

On April 30, Germany established a new national record for renewable energy use. Part of that day (during the long May 1 weekend), 85% of all the electricity consumed in Germany was being produced from renewables such as wind, solar, biomass, and hydroelectric power.

On March 11th 2017, the California power grid broke 50% solar power for the first time – when considering ALL sources of solar power in the state. This type of event has happened in other places – and Germany gets the headlines often.

-Nils Rognerud
Founder of
San Francisco Sept 13, 2017

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