Electro Gravity

Can the nature of Gravity truly be understood?

Currently, our most advanced scientist on Earth can not explain the true nature of gravity.  We live with this force on a daily basis and yet the true nature of this force remains one of the greatest mysteries of our advanced technological society.

However, on this site, you will see how it may be possible to explain Gravity as an electric pseudo-force.  (Def. of pseudo = false, not authentic)

Follow these steps to start your journey that will show a novel and simple understanding of the nature of gravity.

1) read a paper that details the nature of a unique electrical field with similar properties to that of gravity.

2) read about our laboratory experiments, as well as observations from nature (on this page), that may confirm the existence of the electrogravity theory.

Is gravity is only a pseudo force?

Nobel price laureate Richard Feynman said that gravity may only be a pseudo force… Here Pictureis a direct quote from his book “Lectures on Physics”, chapter 12-11:

“One very important feature of pseudo forces is that they are always proportional to the masses; the same is true of gravity.  The possibility exists, therefore, that gravity itself is a pseudo force*.  Is it not possible that perhaps gravitation is due simply to the fact that we do not have the right coordinate system?”

(Richard Feynman)

*Def. of pseudo = false, not authentic

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  • Hi buddy, your blogs model is simple and clean and i like it. Your blog content articles are superb. Please keep them coming. Greets!!!

  • In my website You can read that gravity is an electromagnetic force. I can prove this with isotachophoresis experiments described in part 1 and 3 of the website; in part 2 of the website a give an other experiment which confirms my findings in isotachophoresis.The origin of the electromagnetic gravity force is an induction mechanism in the nucleus of the atom created each time that a proton is transformed into a neutron and vice versa by the exchange of a pion. This results in a magnetic property for the nucleus of the atom. This is a new property for atoms that can explain gravity. You can see this in my isotachophoresis experiments.

  • Paul Alderson

    I believe you are most likely on the wrong path and I have a book that explains gravity/magnetic effect and time.


  • Gerald L. O'Barr

    Gravity is a real force, as real as any
    other force. It is not a pseudo force.
    Just because we might not understand it,
    has no justification for saying that it
    is not real.
    To understand gravity is the simplest
    possible thing! All that has to be known
    is this: At the lowest levels of reality,
    particles spall! These spalls are fairly
    perfect, but over all, there is a slight
    increase in the distribution of sizes as
    more and more hits occur. Please note, the
    average mass remains constant, but the
    distribution of the sizes increases.
    This act causes particles to drift
    towards the areas where the distribution of
    sizes are the greatest.
    In the deepest of space, where collisions
    between normal mass are reduced, and mainly
    only ether interacting with ether occurs, the
    distribution of sizes are brought back to the
    more normal range, and this allows a continuous
    gravity affect back in areas of space where lots
    of regular matter exists.
    You now have both an explanation of gravity,
    and anti gravity, that brings all things into a
    unity that is more than perfect, it gives explanation
    to these large open spaces we see in our space
    around us.
    Please go to gsjournal.net

  • The superposition principle, used in calculating the total electrical field strength at a given point in space, does not take into account electrical shielding effects between charged particles. (To completely ignore the shielding is to avow action without reaction.) Electro-gravity may be turn out to be the summed effect of the otherwise unaccounted shielding.

    Please see my article: Emission – Absorption – Scattering (EAS) Subquantum Electrodynamics. http://www.datasync.com/~rsf1/eas.htm

  • Tom Wlazlak

    Wow: gravity that is a heavy subject. What if it is so simple that people just want it to be more complex in order not to understand how simple it is?
    The main fact is gravity goes threw all matter and effects light as well so as small as it gets. So what it is smaller than electric things as well: could the thing that makes gravity work be a lot of very small things coming out of matter like gravity radiation type things and when the gravity radiation things come in contact with other matter things it makes the matter move toward the on coming gravity radiation things.
    I have made a gyro kinetic thruster device that moves across the table using only spinning parts
    Most people say this can not be done. However that is up to the viewer.
    Point being Atoms have spinning things moving all around them. if they get hit with an on coming ball like thing. They may tend to move in the same way as that device I made, an be drawn in the same direction as the ball stuff come from. — Too simple never Mind.
    Tom Wlazlak Corinne Technical Design Engineering – EttCM Energy Technologies – Magnagravity non-electrical motor systems

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