Testatika Generator from Switzerland

Is the Testatika Generator the first real running *free energy* machine come from Switzerland, Europe? This machine was developed over a 20 years Research period by a religious group called METHERNITHA.

This group lives in CH-3517 Linden, Switzerland.

The inventor of this superb machine, Mr.Paul Baumann claims, its running principle was found by studying the lightning effects from nature.

And here is a summary of what we know :

* Testatika Generator is an influence-type Wimhurst machine which runs on its own energy, once started by counter-clock revolving its 2 discs – by hand!

* Testatika Generator not only runs on it’ own energy but produces also a huge amount of excess power, at least 3 KWATTS of power!  (That is enough to supply a one-person apartment with one machine!

* The Testatika Generator machine You see during this demo animation is only about 70 cm wide,   40 cm deep, and about 60 cm tall!

* It delivers DC-Voltage ranging from 270 to 320 Volts, only depending on the dryness of the air! At this voltage, it can supply at least 10 Amperes of DC-current!

* Testatika Generator is not a perpetual mobile, but an energy machine that collects its huge amount of “FREE” energy from the charged and ionized air particles. But there are still some technological tricks implemented to overcome the normal drag-resistance of a conventional Wimhurst machine, which is still the secret of the Methernitha group!

The Testatika machines, (there already exists also some smaller units which only deliver about 200-300 Watts) are not yet mass-production type models! They are still laboratory prototype units, although they are built with very good craftsmanship!

Check it out for yourself or contact the inventors directly:

CH-3517 LINDEN, Switzerland
Phone: +41 31 97 11 24

A videotape shows the machines (also the smaller ones) and explains also Methernitha’s spiritual aims. The video has a running length of about 40 minutes and is really worth looking at!  It also shows Methernitha’s earlier research developments like huge wind generators.

With the Testatika they claim there is no fraud, hidden batteries, or any other hidden energy source. It is just really running!  They already have the technology, years ahead of others!  No more oil, no more pollution, no more atomic waste products, and no more hunger in this world!

Is this the machine mankind has dreamed about for centuries?  Has it finally come true?

More information about the Methernitha machine is also available inside the German magazine:
RAUM & ZEIT, issue Nr.40, 8.Jahrgang from Ehlers Verlag, Daimlerstrasse 5, D-8029 Sauerbach, Germany.

NOTE:  All disclaimers apply.  Please do your own research and do not rely on these comments.  There is much information about this machine on the net. For other free energy generators on this website, click here.

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