Science Disclosure by Corey Goode

San Francisco, CA, USA
Dec 20, 2017

Reports On Warp Drive, Extra Dimensions, Anti-Gravity etc

Corey Goode from SphereBeingAlliance recently came forth with some new unclassified science documents, that he claims have been released from the Dept of Defense.   The documents deal with topics like:

  • Traversable Wormholes
  • Stargates
  • Negative Energy
  • Warp Drive
  • Dark Energy
  • Manipulation of Extra Dimensions

Robert Bigelow, a former real estate developer turned inflatable space station entrepreneur. Bigelow won the $22 million bid from the Defense Intelligence Agency’s (DIA) via the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). 

The program was to study UFOs, although they could not call it a UFO study program – propably for political reasons.  This government group was named the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications (AAWSA) and was “charged with identifying sources of increasing threats to U.S. interests in critical regions”.

A couple of scientists – Dr. Harold. Puthoff, Dr. Eric Davis and Dr. Richard Obousy produced the following reports.  Corey Goode also claims that other reports (perhaps classified) were stolen from him under mysterious circumstances.

These unclassified documents from April 2010, deals with a number of theorethical subjects:

Traversable Wormholes, Stargates & Negative Energy (DIA Unclassified)

deals with “advanced space propulsion” for faster-than-light travel, discussing theoretical physical constructs such as “spacetime-altered regions” and “gravity/antigravity” forces.

Warp Drive, Dark Energy & the Manipulation of Extra Dimensions (DIA Unclassified)

covers similar ground, but also includes discussions about “dark energy” and “extra dimensions.”

Corey claims to have worked in a secret space program.  He offers some very controversial views on how we already have advanced technology and flying machines, can do age regression and much more.

When I scanned over the newly offered science documents I did not see anything new or unusual.  As an engineer, I must say the theoretical ideas presented have little mainstream experimental evidence, except maybe the Casimir Effect.  But, the effect is so small it can barely be measured.   However, the other scientific concepts do sound interesting and should be researched further.

Update May 2018: These documents have now also been reported by George Knapp’s I-Team, part of Las Vegas CBS affiliate Channel 8 News, which has been investigating the government’s supposed connection with ‘UFOs’ for decades. 

To be frank, I am more interested in something I can use to build and improve lives of human beings.  A theory is just an idea – which may or may not be based on real-world physics.  

I like to see the scientific method WITH experimental evidence, which uses the following steps:

  1. Formulate a hypothesis
  2. Design a study and collect the experimental data
  3. Check if the results support or disprove the hypothesis
  4. Conclude and generalize

What do you guys think about these new science papers?  Please leave comments below.

-Nils Rognerud

PS Here is a Facebook post by Corey Goode.

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