Rotating Charged Cylinders from Japan

This experiment is very educational for understanding the nature ofJapanese patent application electrogravity.  What should be understood is that all moving charges generate a divergent electrical field, with similar properties to that of Gravity.

This experiment is demonstrated by charging a metal cylinder to a high electric voltage and rotating it.

A weight loss of around 1% is reported while the cylinder is rotating.

The basic concept of the invention consists of rotating an indirectly charged cylinder inside a charged stationary cylinder.  The inventors claims a weight reduction of approx. 1% in the vertical position, and a little less when used in the 45% degree orientation. 

The patent is not published in the USA but the pdf application can be viewed here at Machine for acceleration in a gravitational field.

It is interesting to note that the results reported from experiment 1 match exactly what is expected by the application of the electrogravity theory to a charged rotating body. 

Patent application claims

Here are some claims from the patent application. 

“1. Horizontal rotation of a charged body generates a vertical force.  
[yes, this makes sense, see electrogravity axiom #1 for more information.]

2. When the polarity of the charges supplied to the rotating body is reversed, the direction of the generated vertical force is also reversed. 
[True, see reverse polarity electrogravity.]

3. The faster the body is rotated, the stronger is the generated vertical force.  
[Also true – see “Free Fall of Elementary Particles” paper, section 1.]

4. The direction and strength of the generated vertical force do not depend on the direction of the body.”  
[This may be an incorrect assumption.  The electrogravity theory predicts that mother Earth, which is a generator of a strong electrogravity field with the maximum average value in the vertical direction, will cause the AG device to have the maximum lift in the vertical direction. There may be a smaller out-of-phase horizontal component due to the AC nature of electrogravity from all the various randomly oriented atoms in the Earth, as well. See electrogravity axiom 4 for more info.]

For more information

Haruo Yamashita et al., European Patent Application 0 486 243 A2 (10 pages). “Machine for Acceleration in a Gravitational Field.” Filed Nov. 11, 1991, granted May 20, 1992.

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