Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion?

Many questions about the slow success of Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology.

Nobel Prize-winning Cambridge Physicist Brian Josephson made an appeal to Rossi to have his device formally evaluated by scientists.  Rossi stated he cannot meet Josephson’s demands because it would reveal what he considers his trade secrets to a potential competitor.

Almost as essential as the direct benefits of this new technology, vast amounts of minds is going to be opened up that mainstream science doesn’t know everything.

The suppression of cold fusion research during the last twenty-plus years is going to be uncovered, and the world will understand that anything can be done.  Possibly the following large discovery is going to be gravity control or perhaps a faster than light drive?

In April 2016, Rossi filed a lawsuit in the USA against Industrial Heat, alleging that he was not paid an $89 million licensing fee due after a one-year test period of an E-Cat unit.  Industrial Heat’s comment on the lawsuit was that after three years of effort they were unable to reproduce Rossi’s E-Cat test results.

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