US Military Interested in UFOs?

What is the real reason behind the Department of Defense’s interest in UFOs?

One thing is to try to understand the underlying Physics (i.e. “spacetime engineering”) of a rapidly accelerating UFO, as seen in the “tic-tac” video from the Pentagon below.  Another thing is to reflect on why the military is so interested in these “lights in the sky”…

In the video below, you will hear some of my thoughts about the UFO video from the Pentagon and former officer for the Department of Defence, Mr. Luis Elizondo.  I will offer a possible explanation for the UFO acceleration through the use of dielectric fields.  With this approach, there is no need to resort to complicated and unproven theories of “spacetime engineering”, like those proposed by Dr. Hall Puthoff.

I will also show some evidence of how UFOs do affect military weapon systems.

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Here is a link to read more about the properties for non-shieldable Dielectric Fields, as mentioned in the video:


-Nils Rognerud

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