Solar Wind Speeds

The search for the source of the solar wind has been like the hunt for the source of the Nile. 

The solar wind starting at speeds around 20,000 mph at the surface of the sun and accelerating to over two million mph. 

The solar wind appears to ‘grow’ much faster than grass.  It is not understood why the solar wind accelerates as it moves away from the sun.

While early models of the solar wind relied primarily on thermal energy to accelerate the material, by the 1960s it was clear that thermal acceleration alone cannot account for the high speed of the solar wind.  An additional unknown acceleration mechanism is required.

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The electro-gravity model explains why the positively charged ions – initially emitted from the sun at low speed – gain velocity as they move out in the solar system.  I know of no other Physics model that can currently explain this mystery observation.

The sun will generate this unique electric field – due to all the motional electrons in the sun.

The electric field will have a polarity that will push away positively charged objects (such as gas ions) – and attract neutral or negatively charged matter.

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