Infinity SAV Free Energy Generator - My Thoughts...

The late Andrii Slobodian from Infinity SAV (a company in Korea) is a clever Russian inventor that claims he has built several free energy generators.

On this page, I will share my thoughts and details on why I believe Andrii is not telling it like it is.

Indoor demonstration of the Free Energy Device

The new motor-generator design looks very nice and futuristic. But this motor raises more questions than it answers.

All these lights that are driven by the generator look impressive, but there are a couple of “red flags” we will talk about now…

1) The electrical details of the light bulbs are not specified.   The lights could be self-powered with a small built-in battery – either in the bulb base or in the back of the light panel.

The lights could be triggered by a low-voltage pulse generated by another small battery, hidden in the motor-generator, that will signal when to turn on the hidden battery power for the lights.

2)  Full-power light from three hundred light bulbs – mounted on three floor-standing panels, would be blinding the camera and eyes. This would flood the lab with so much light it would be impossible to film anything. 

However, the bulbs are probably low-wattage LED lights – if they are not fake i.e. “magic bulbs“.   Here are some off-the-shelf 3-watts LED lightbulbs from

Three hundred light bulbs at 3-watts each will draw a total of 900 watts of power. That is less power than a regular electric house heater.

3)  The sound from the motor does not change when increasing the load, for example when switching on (or off) the light panels.  This is very telling – and shows that the power is not coming from the motor generator.

The sound from an electrical generator always changes when a big load (like 300 light bulbs) is turned on or off.

In the video I saw and heard, the motor sound of the RPM does not change at all – with or without load (lights on and off).  This is VERY suspicious.

Outdoor demonstration of the Free Energy Device (10 kW)

The inventor and his staff took a boat out to an island in Korea to test the machine. Perhaps this was done to convince the skeptics that there are no hidden wires from a power source in the company office.

However, there are still a few suspicious issues remaining with this outdoor demonstration.

Is there some fluid or pressurized gas being consumed during the 5-hour test?  You can see a falling “fluid” line on the big drum when viewing the video.

See the red arrow pointing to the “falling” horizontal line… Click on the video link to see the video in real-time.

What is the cause of this moving shadow line?

Is it a partially transparent drum, showing the internal contents? Perhaps the inventor did not realize that it is a partially transparent drum, showing the contents of the drum, in the bright afternoon sunlight?

Or, is this a shadow from the machine’s metal frame on this clear sunny day?

Well, if you believe it is just an exterior shadow from the setting sun – that gets longer as the sun is setting, then how do you explain a ‘rising’ shadow line in the latter part of the same video?

Perhaps he used another video clip played in reverse to make it look like his video was 5 hours long when in reality this test was much shorter. This would explain why the sun shadow on the drum is moving up, in the latter half of the video.

If the inventor faked his video editing, you got to ask what kind of integrity this person has? Also, is the actual test is only a couple of hours long? This is very concerning, and begs to ask: what else is the inventor faking?

The inventor Andrii is holding the internal rotor of the machine:
See the shadow of the two battery wires, from sunlight shining through the transparent white drum.

This photo of the white cylinder/drum (from another video) shows the white drum is basically empty. You can clearly see the shadows of the assistant holding two wires to the startup battery. A few minutes later in the video when the assistant disconnects the wires the shadows of the two wires disappear…

Other points to consider that could be used to trick the observer:

  • The white drum may be used only as a decoy, much like magicians do when performing a trick.
  • The energy could be coming from a hidden battery or another source not seen in the video.
  • Batteries could be pre-installed under the ground (prior to the test), where the lamps are standing.  
  • The lamps might be low-wattage – or LED magic lamps, with self-powered batteries.
  • The heater might have a self-contained battery – or be connected via thin wires to a battery hidden under the soil.
  • And, perhaps this Infinity SAV free energy machine has some energy storage inside the white drum, and/or the content of the white drum is not as described?

Tabletop Demo of the Free Energy Device (1 kW)

The inventor built a small table-top device and disassembled the machine in front of the camera.

However, this demonstration could easily be done with a hidden battery in a secret bottom of the plastic container for the control board.    

See screenshot from the Tabletop Demo video that shows a possible hidden floor (see red arrow):

Screenshot of DC-to-AC power inverter with a possible hidden/secret bottom.

The inventor also shows in his video how he easily stops the motor with his fingers. It might be possible to stop a small 1-watt motor with the skin of his fingers, but not a big 1 kW device (as he claims the power generated by this generator).   

A simple lawnmower is using 1200 watts of power.  I do not recommend putting any fingers anywhere near a running shaft of a 1.2 kW motor!

A 1.2 kW motor can not be stopped with just the skin of a finger – contrary to what the inventor Andrii seems to show.  It would be very dangerous since the forces from a 1.2 kW motor are so large.

In summary:

This free energy generator looks similar to a magician’s trick.  It looks good, but it is most likely to be a scam – for the reason listed above.

The inventor claims that free energy can be obtained by using bucking coils. These are sometimes also referred to as bifilar coils.

I did some experiments on this topic but did not find any extra energy to be true. (See my bucking coil test page for more info.)

The inventor may be using several tricks to fool the curious or pseudo-scientist, into believing this is a free energy generator. 

Think VERY carefully before putting any money into Infinity SAV projects – or to buy any of their products!!!

Also, ask yourself why this inventor has not delivered a single product anywhere in the world since they started the company in 2013? 

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