About Nils Rognerud, BSEE

Hi, it’s Nils Rognerud here.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and the question you are probably asking: “Who is Nils Rognerud?”

I’m actually a pretty normal guy, who grew up in Europe – with a college degree in Electronics Engineering from Norway.  I moved to the USA a few years after college and fell in love with the stimulating energy of the many bright people in California.

I got a job early on in an engineering lab in Southern California that was designing scientific instrumentation.  I also worked part-time as a consultant to an inventor “Carl” that was building “compressed air machines”.  He, unfortunately, got in trouble with the law, after he sold shares in his company – and the police closed down his laboratory.  I never heard from him after this.

I learned very early on that scientific progress is controlled by the professors from the traditional Physics community, and that independent inventors have a hard time being taken seriously by conventional science.

I started doing my own research in an attempt to understand the nature of Gravity.  It seems to me that electrical phenomena are fairly well understood, but the nature of Gravity is not really well understood – and we still cannot create artificial gravity effects with our current understanding of nature.

My research shows how Gravity might be explained as an electrical pseudo-effect or side effect.  You can find how this is so on this website.

I also enjoy researching and reading about free/alternative energy inventions.  This world is overdue for a change from burning fossil fuels that pollute the world we live in.

I believe this website contains vital and important information about how to produce low-cost energy from the high-frequency electro-gravity fields around Earth (similar to Dr. Thomas Henry Moray and others) – as well as information that can be used to build Electro-Gravity devices to counteract the fields of Gravity.

However, we live in a dangerous “Game of Life” on this Earth, and there are established groups that do not want change.  Only the real “tigers” survive on Earth, and even they have a hard time.  I invite you to download any part of this website for safe-keeping on your computer in case something happens to this site.

 Please send me a message at the contact us link if you wish to talk.  I will be happy to discuss any engineering consulting projects.

Let me know,

-Nils Rognerud
San Francisco, USA

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  • Louis Rancourt

    Using a 1.5 watt laser, I was able to block gravity between 2 masses. The experiment is described in Physics Essays, Dec. 2011. You might want to try with a bigger laser and find how much power is needed to levitate 1 gm of matter.

  • I agree with your assessment of the progress in finding new approaches to gravity, I hope you visit my online post on WordPress, natureofgravity/support, I have published these ideas before on Google Knol, but they have shut down that project. I would be happy to hear if you have any opinion on my proposed solution.

  • Carl Degner

    Hello Nils, great work and great site here. I came to look at your page on CO2 recapture, and it’s pretty good. Important stuff, and I salute you and Norway both for taking it seriously. My only complaint is this: when you (or Prof. Friedman) say that CO2 recapture is inexpensive at $30/ton, while reforestation costs more at $50/ton, I feel you may be missing something. No, I don’t dispute your numbers, and I agree that CO2 recapture may be an important part of a global solution. But we’re all still going to need Oxygen. Forests solve both issues, and yet the Earth is still being deforested at approximately 18 million acres per year (per http://www.facingthefuture.org/ServiceLearning/FastFactsQuickActions/Deforestation/tabid/182/Default.aspx).

    So what I mean is, if we just focus on CO2 recapture, that may slow global warming, but it won’t stop it and absolutely won’t reverse it. We need more O3 in the atmosphere and O2 to breathe. Trees can handle all this far better than machines, and all they ask is that we don’t cut them down so fast.

    Again, good work – you, your home country, and Prof Friedman! Very reassuring. I just think CO2 recapture alone will not be enough, and may not help very much at all if we keep losing our forests at the rate we have been.

  • We don’t know what gravity is! lots of theories!

    We don’t know what electricity is!!!!
    Just it’s effects! Has to do with electrons, whatever they are!!!(:

    But what is electricity, without using circular reasoning of moving charges, magnetic fields, effects, etc…??

    Just an uneducated bumpkin here…so, any reference to math, GR, or quantum theory is lost on me.

    Looking for some real answers before I die..(:

  • George William Nixon

    Because you believe that gravity has a connection with an electrical effect, and If you are interested to read an attempt to conceptually describe the nature of both gravity and gravitation etceteras, then if you click on my name, George William Nixon in the list of authors at The General Science Journal, you can download my work on those subjects. With regards and best wishes.

  • You are justified in questioning the contemporary theory of gravity. I believe it will be an electrical engineer that reveals the true nature of gravity.

    For your continuing education, please read the IEEE article featured on the website noted. Maxwell was correct, an earth-centric unit of measure has definitely hindered scientific progress. The SI units of measure are why we have these weird numbers attached to such universal constants of c, G, hbar, and epsilon0.

    The IEEE article points out a very simple relationship that is not taught in the textbooks. It has more significance than I could state in the paper. It was difficult enough to get it published as it was.

  • Agatha Lorentz


  • Paulo Amodio

    What do you think about Maxwell Sangulani Chikumbutso’s generator (Saith Group). Does it really work?
    Were you the Technical Advisor for the project?

    • I did some testing on the machine of Maxwell. The machine worked when we saw it, at that time.
      However, Max seems to have some delivery issues. I recommend waiting with purchasing this machine until he has completed his first delivery.

  • Thane Heins

    Introduction to Potential Difference inc. – US Patented Sub-Atomic Quantum Electron Energy Harvesting Innovations & The Law of Creation of Energy

    Hello Nils,

    My name is Thane Heins and I am the CEO of Potential Difference inc. (PDi), an Ottawa Canada based Clean-Tech R&D company.

    I am writing to you today to inform you that our company has developed. and US patented four innovations which all have the ability to tap into and harness created Sub-Atomic Electron Energy.

    Three of our innovations (ReGenX Generator, Bi-Toroid Transformer, ReGen-X Quantum Motor) have all been third party validated, internationally replicated and proven to operate at infinite efficiency (please see test data report below).

    PDi’s ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor innovations both perform mechanical work, but they require zero external energy input when doing so.

    The energy source for both the ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor is created Sub-Atomic Electron Electromagnetic Field Energy.

    This energy is created when charged particles (electrons) cascade down in a current bearing wire.

    In all conventional electric generators this created Electromagnetic Field Energy performs Negative Work and it reduces the Kinetic Energy of the Generator/Prime Mover system and is explained in a law of physics called Lenz’s Law (which is part of the law of Conservation of Energy).

    In the ReGenX Generator and ReGen-X Quantum Motor innovations this very same created Electromagnetic Field Energy is delayed in the Time Domain such that it performs Positive Work increasing the Kinetic Energy of the Generator/Prime Mover system and operating at infinite efficiency.

    The ReGenX Generator allows electricity to be generated with zero external mechanical input power requirements and the ReGen-X Quantum Motor allows Electro-Mechanical Work to be performed with zero external electrical input power.

    Our innovations are governed by two new laws of physics called Heins’ Law and the Law of Creation of Energy.

    With kind regards

    Thane C. Heins
    CEO Potential +/- Difference Inc.
    [email protected]

    Potential +/- Difference Inc. – Pioneering Electric Vehicle Regenerative Acceleration Technology & Charging Ahead…

    “We generate solutions”

    History of US Patented ReGenX Generator / PDi Innovations 2005 – 2020

    Potential Difference inc. Innovations Test Program with 13 International Validation Replications

    The Nature of Sub-Atomic Quantum Photon Energy Creation and Externalization Around a Current Carrying Conductor https://www.slideshare.net/ThaneNEWENERGYBLUEPR/the-nature-of-subatomic-quantum-photon-energy-creation-and-externalization-around-a-current-carrying-conductor

    Patents by Inventor Thane C. Heins

    “Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.”
    ~ John Dewey

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