About Nils Rognerud

Hi, it’s Nils R. here.

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself, and the question you are probably asking: “Who is Nils Rognerud?”

I’m actually a pretty normal guy, who grew up in Europe – with a college degree in Electronics Engineering from Norway.  I moved to USA a few years after college and fell in love with the stimulating energy of the many bright people in California.

I got a job early on in an engineering lab in Southern California that was designing scientific instrumentation.  I also worked part-time as a consultant to an inventor that was building “compressed air machines”.  He unfortunately got in trouble with the law, after he sold shares in his company – and the police closed down his laboratory.  I never heard from him after this.

I learned very early on that scientific progress is controlled by the professors from the traditional Physics community, and that independent inventors have a hard time to be taken seriously by conventional science.

I started doing my own research in an attempt to understand the nature of Gravity.  It seems to me that electrical phenomena are fairly well understood, but the nature of Gravity is not really well understood – and it is not possible to create artificial gravity effects with our current understanding of nature.

My research shows how Gravity might be explained as an electrical pseudo-effect or side effect.  You can find how this is so in this web site.

I also enjoy researching and reading about free/alternative energy inventions.  This world is overdue for a change from burning fossil fuels that pollute the world we live in.

I believe this web site contains vital and important information about how to produce low cost energy from the high-frequency electro-gravity fields around Earth (similar to Dr. Thomas Henry Moray and others) – as well as information that can be used to build Electro-Gravity devices to counteract the fields of Gravity.

However, we live in a dangerous “Game of Life” on this Earth, and there are established groups that do not want change.  Only the real “tigers” survive on Earth, and even they have a hard time.  I invite you to download any part of this web site for safe-keeping on your computer in case something happens to this site.

Please send me a message at the contact us link at the bottom of this page, if you have any question or comments on this web site.

All the best,

-Nils Rognerud
San Francisco, USA