Hoverboard and Anti-gravity Tech?

What is Gravity?…

How long will it take before we have a real anti-gravity technology board, like in the movie “Back to the Future” hoverboard?

The short answer is: nobody seems to know.

So far, the answer to Gravity within the laws of Physics seems to elude us still. Humans are pretty clever and can levitate electric trains (via magnetism) and fly to Mars (with rockets). Still, nobody seems to know what really causes large objects to attract each other, i.e., Gravity.

As of this moment, there does not seem to be a clear way to modify gravity forces.

Einstein’s Advice…

Einstein claimed that gravity is not a force but a result of the geometry of spacetime. Other scientists postulate massless elementary particles as an exchange force for Gravity, but such hypothetical particles still have not been found.

My own research also seems to indicate that the force of Gravity is not a fundamental force.  Gravity is simply a side-effect of electromagnetism.  See this paper for more information:

Explaining Gravity as an electromagnetic force

The Scientific Method…

Then there are rumors of secret labs in aerospace corporations – and even dark military projects like the TR3B, TR3C, etc. that have figured out how to generate antigravity.  A top leader from one of the aerospace labs even claims they have levitation machines that can fly ET back home – to the stars.  Even musician Tom Delonge claims to be working with heads of government to build electromagnetic vehicles to fly to the stars!

Such rumors have been mentioned in the UFO news circles for many years, but there is no way to tell the real facts from the disinformation – perhaps intentional to keep us confused.   Since we do not have access to factual information from these secret projects, let’s stick with what we know and the normal Scientific Method principles used by the scientific community.

People in Gravity Research

Several people stand out in the field of gravity modification and research in the last 30 years.  To this end, I made two videos about the current status of anti-gravity research.  You can see a summary of these people, as well as some of my own work, in the two-part video below:

  • Dr. Hooper
  • Dr. Podkletnov
  • Roscin & Godin
  • Floyd Sweet
  • Dr. Ning Li
  • Searl Device
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Please let me know your questions or comments below.

-Nils Rognerud
San Francisco, Nov 2017

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