Global Warming on Earth!

The greatest priority for Earth at this time is not to handle our monetary system, the corrupt politicians, drugs, the news media, or even the atomic bomb.  The problem is the continuous and expanding byproducts from burning fossil fuels i.e. pollution.

Picture“Since 1850 there has been a mean rise in global temperature of approximately 1° C (approximately 1.8° F).  It was thought that this rise could just be part of a natural fluctuation; such fluctuations have been recorded for tens of thousands of years and operate in short-term as well as long-term cycles. ”

You may ask why global temperatures are rising before the industrial revolution, and perhaps ask if there a long-term effect at work – unrelated to man-made pollution?

However, 1995 was the warmest year on record, according to the British Meteorological Office.   A United Nations panel of scientists attributed the warming to human influence and predicted that if greenhouse-gas emissions [carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and chlorofluorocarbons] are not reduced, the average global temperature will rise by 1.0° to 3.5° C (1.8° to 6.3° F), with the best estimate of 2.0° C (3.5° F), by 2100, causing sea level to rise by 20 inches; further warming an sea-level rise would follow.

The potential consequences of global warming are so great that many of the world’s top scientists have urged immediate action and have called for international cooperation on the problem.

How Bad is Global Warming – and What is It?

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established in 1988 by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).  The IPCC conference in Rome 1995 concludes that there are now clear signs of man-made climate changes and that pollution from our cars, trucks, factories, and power plants is a cause of it.

The figure below shows the current global temperature and future predictions.  You mayPicture also read more about these scary facts and statistics from NCDC, including the increasing tornado trends and the above-average rain-falls.

NASA scientists have announced that 1995 was the hottest year on record.  The year saw killer heat waves from Chicago to Moscow to parts of India, a record number of tropical storms in both the Atlantic and the Pacific, and resurgent tropical diseases, like dengue fever.  Dengue fever, a painful life-threatening disease endemic to tropical regions, broke out on the Texas border in the fall of 1995.   (See also The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), which is the world’s largest active archive of weather data.)

The expected consequences of the increased greenhouse effects are many.  1996 began with devastating snowstorms and floods along the East Coast, a major heatwave on the West Coast, and aberrant weather patterns in the Heartland of the United States.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientists report that these weather extremes, even the snowstorms, are consistent with what global climate change is likely to bring.

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  • james thomas

    My comment just went away – but I won’t. Study Historical Geology and Long Term Weather Patterns. Don’t believe your own liberal science and press. They start by only using data for the past century or century and half at best. If you look at the past 4000 years. There have been at least 3 major patterns of global temperature swings. This is the realistic (and scientific way) to look for patterns, or tendicies by which one should base their projections of global temperatures on. Since the global temperatures have been flat for the past 14 years (despite increased CO2 productions – manly from China and India) so called inviromentalist have changed focus to Global Climate changes. Please do a small amount of personal research and you will be shocked to discover it is a tremendous sham your being sold. One that is holding our Countries economy back from what could increble prosperity.

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