Renewable Energy Exceeding 50%!

In several countries, renewables are fast approaching or have exceeded 50% of electricity production. The US is a long way behind – with only 14.94% renewable energy sources – but new enabling technologies are emerging in some states.

The UK sets a new renewable energy record as wind and solar surges meet more

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Global Warming on Earth!

The greatest priority for Earth at this time is not to handle our monetary system, the corrupt politicians, drugs, the news media, or even the atomic bomb. The problem is the continuous and expanding byproducts from burning fossil fuels i.e. pollution.

“Since 1850 there has been a mean rise in global temperature of approximately 1°

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Who Gains from Burning Fossil Fuel?

San Francisco, Sep 2017:

What organizations do you think have the most to gain by continuing the trend of burning fossil fuel? …  And, why are the Americans so interested in maintaining their influence with the Middle East?  I hope you can guess the answer:  it is “black gold” – also called oil.


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