Thoughts on Infinity SAV Free Energy Device

The late Andrii Slobodian from Infinity SAV (a company in Korea) is a clever Russian inventor that claims he has built several free energy generators.

On this page, I will share my thoughts and details on why I believe Andrii is not telling it like it is.

Indoor demonstration of the Free Energy Device

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Hoverboard and Anti-gravity Tech?

What is Gravity?…

How long will it take before we have a real anti-gravity technology board, like in the movie “Back to the Future” hoverboard?

The short answer is: nobody seems to know.

So far, the answer to Gravity within the laws of Physics seems to elude us still. Humans are pretty clever

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Purpose of Patents… Panel Discussion

Here is an interesting discussion from the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference about the small inventor and realities of life. Jim Murray, Paul Babcock, and Peter Lindemann claim that the purpose of a patent is to prevent big corporations from taking out their own patents on the same invention and blocking it from being

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