Science Disclosure by Corey Goode

Corey Goode - disclosure

San Francisco, CA, USA Dec 20, 2017

Reports On Warp Drive, Extra Dimensions, Anti-Gravity etc

Corey Goode from SphereBeingAlliance recently came forth with some new unclassified science documents, that he claims have been released from the Dept of Defense. The documents deal with topics like:

Traversable Wormholes Stargates Negative Energy Warp Drive Dark Energy Manipulation

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Review of “Abduction to The 9th Planet”

“Abduction to the Ninth Planet“ Book by Michel Desmarquet

Michel’s mission is to share what he has seen, learned and experienced. The book is LOADED with information of exceptional quality and accuracy.

In June of 1987, he was abducted by Extra-terrestrial Beings, highly evolved spiritually, and also the most technologically developed in our galaxy. They

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