Speed of Gravity?

I enjoyed reading a paper on the speed of gravity by Tom Van Flandern, University of Maryland.

He says: “…gravity is once again taken to be a propagating force of nature in flat space-time with the propagation speed indicated by observational evidence and experiments: not less than 2 x 1010 c.“

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Does All Mass Have Weight?

After you read the basic ElectroGravity paper “Free Fall of Elementary Particles“, you will understand that mass does not always have weight.

We may all agree that mass is a direct function of the speed of propagation of electromagnetic energy. However, weight is not always a function of mass.

For example; elementary particles,

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Review of “Abduction to The 9th Planet”

“Abduction to the Ninth Planet“ Book by Michel Desmarquet

Michel’s mission is to share what he has seen, learned and experienced. The book is LOADED with information of exceptional quality and accuracy.

In June of 1987, he was abducted by Extra-terrestrial Beings, highly evolved spiritually, and also the most technologically developed in our galaxy. They

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Life on Earth at The Point of Inflection

A K OPPENHEIM, Dipl-Ing, PhD, DSc, DIC Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA

This paper was delivered as a keynote address at the International Conference on Combustion in Engines (Technology, Applications and the Environment) hosted by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in London, UK, on 1-3 December,

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Global Warming on Earth Has Begun!

The greatest priority for Earth at this time, is not to handle our monetary system, the corrupt politicians, drugs, the news media or even the atomic bomb. The problem is the continuous and expanding byproducts from burning fossil fuels i.e. pollution.

“Since 1850 there has been a mean rise in global temperature of approximately 1°

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