The Hunt for Dark Matter: They did not find anything…

First results from the LUX dark matter experiment at the Sanford Underground Research Facility are in. 85% of the Universe is made up of dark matter. They are having a real hard time trying to find it. One of the most common complaints I hear is…

2012 – the Year of Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion Technology!!!

Great article from about the success of the Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat technology:

It also includes a mention of a scientist that has spoken favorably about the E-Cat device, Nobel Prize Laureate Brian Josephson.

Almost as essential as the direct benefits of this new technology, vast amounts of minds is going to be opened up

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Cold Fusion from Italy – Andrea Rossi?

A physicist in Italy declares to have demonstrated a new type of power plant that provides risk-free, low-priced and practically unlimited nuclear power to the globe, without fossil gases or radiation worries.

The qualities from the technology are phenomenal – and they may be considered almost too good to be real, by many people who

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Solar Winds

“The search for the source of the solar wind has been like the hunt for the source of the Nile,” said Dr. Don Hassler of the Southwest Research Institute, Boulder, CO. (article) “… at speeds starting at 20,000 mph at the surface and accelerating to over two million mph, the solar wind ‘grows’ much faster

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Lightning Storms

What causes charge separation in a thunder clouds? Where do lightning storms get their “endless” energy from?

These questions are explained by the Electro Gravity theory.

The EG theory explains why the earth will draw mostly negatively charged particles towards itself (as seen in cloud charge separation) and push positive charges away

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