Lightning Storms

What causes charge separation in a thunder clouds?  Where do lightning storms get their “endless” energy from? 

 Lightning StormsThese questions are explained by the Electro Gravity theory. 

The EG theory explains why the earth will draw mostly negatively charged particles towards itself (as seen in cloud charge separation) and push positive charges away – until there is a discharge, a lighting strikes between earth and the clouds.  The EG theory explain why there is a constant incentive for charge separation in thunder clouds.

In fact, now we can attempt explain the mysterious lightning sprites (upwards lightning) – on the top of clouds – as a result of lightning strike to the ground, leaving a negative cloud charge trying to balance itself out by reaching the positively charged Earth’s ionosphere – 90 km above ground.  Lightning Storms

Nobody believed this was possible until these sprites were recently photographed.  It seems the old “rain and hail” theory of charge separation no longer can apply here – since there is no rain in the ionosphere.

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