This Physics site will show a simple electric understanding of the Nature of Gravity -  and that Gravity may be a pseudo-force.  (Def. of pseudo = false, not authentic)

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH.  MILLIS, MARC G.  WILLIAMSON, GARY SCOTT  JUN. 1995 12 PAGES Presented at the 31st Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, San Diego CA, 10-12 Jul. 1995; sponsored by AIAA, ASME, SAE, and ASEE NASA-TM-106963   E-9719 NAS 1.15:106963  AIAA PAPER 95-2601  Avail: CASI HC A03/MF A01

Experiments were conducted to test assertions from Patent 3,610,971, by W.J. Hooper that self-canceling electromagnetic coils can reduce the weight of objects placed underneath.  No weight changes were observed within the detectability of the instrumentation. More careful examination of the patent and other reports from Hooper led to the conclusion that Hooper may have misinterpreted thermal effects as his 'Motional Field' effects. There is a possibility that the claimed effects are below the detection thresholds of the instrumentation used for these tests. [bold added by editor]

CASI Accession Number: N95-28893

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