Gravity Shielding in Finland

gravity_shieldingNews reports about gravity “shielding” experiments, at Tampere University in Finland,  show a small drop in the weight of objects placed over a special cryogenic device, as if it were shielding the object from the effects of gravity – an effect deemed impossible by most scientists. 

“We thought it might be a mistake”, Dr. Podkletnov said, “but we have taken every precaution”.  Yet the bizarre effects persists.


Cryogenic Gravity ShieldingRecent gravity “shielding” experiments at Tampere University in Finland may shed some light on the theories of electrogravity. Tests show a small drop in the weight of objects placed over a special cryogenic device, as if it were shielding the object from the effects of gravity – an effect deemed impossible by most scientists. “We thought it might be a mistake”, Dr. Podkletnov said, “but we have taken every precaution”.  Yet the bizarre effects persisted.
This gravity effect is being claimed as one of gravity shielding, but the author believes the effect is one of electrogravity field generation. 

Gravity Shield Experiments and Resultant Speculative Theories

Any Explanations?Theoretical explanations of the Tampere experiment have been proposed in a paper by Dr. Giovanni Modanese of Italy.  It is essentially quantum gravity, a very esoteric and not totally convincing.  Dr. Ning Li and Dr. Douglas Torr at the University of Alabama, Huntsville are also doing some research in this area. 

However, these are all very complicated attempts at trying to understand the effect.  Could there be another but much simpler explanation?  Feel free to read some notes on the Tampere experiments as well as read a white paper on an electric field with similar properties to that of gravity:

Here is a list of some available papers:

1)  Podkletnov, 1992 – the first paper appeared in Physia C 1992:  “A possibility of gravitational force shielding by bulk YBa_2_Cu_3_O_7-x_ superconductor.”  (online paper)

2)  Podkletnov, Jan. 1997 – the most recent paper:  “Weak gravitation shielding properties of composite bulk YBa_2_Cu_3_O_7-x superconductor below 70 K under e.m. field.”  (postscript paperprintable online figures in Web form and figures in MS-Word)

3)  Modanese,  Nov. 1996:  “Possible quantum gravity effects in a charged Bose condensate under variable e.m. field.”  (postscript paper, including the figure)

4)  Modanese,  Jan. 1996:  “Updating the Theoretical Analysis of the Weak Gravitational Shielding Experiment.”  (postscript paper)

5)  Modanese,  May 1995:  “Theoretical Analysis of a Reported Weak Gravitational Shielding Effect.”  (postscript paper), including the figure)

6)  Rognerud, 1991: “Free Fall of Elementary Particles”.  This paper is a review of the problem of the observable action of gravitational forces on charged particles. [It also explains the similarity of a special kind of “electric field” to that of gravity.]

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2 comments to Gravity Shielding in Finland

  • Actually, there’s nothing bizarre or theoretically strange about this work. It’s all based on Einstein’s premise that gravity is caused by mass and the speed by which matter moves through the universe. In Dr. Ning Li’s work for example it is reported that she spins super cooled ions around in a magnetic field. Although ions have an exceptionally small mass and gravity signature some spin millions/billions of times per second. Causing those same ions to spin in an electro-magnetic field at millions of times per second on top of billions of times per second creates a lot of electro-magnetic energy. By using a Bose-Einstein condensate a lot of ions can be pushed into an extremely small area allowing a device to spin billions of ions at millions of billions rotations per second. They may not spin quite this fast because they will top out under the speed of light, but they will spin very fast near the speed of light. The result should be high levels of gravity. One of the unique features of a Bose-Einstein condensate is that the atoms in this condensate align. This means they spin in the same direction. Potentially ions, or other super cooled atoms, could be spun on their access. It would mean that they would generate no centrifugal force and they could spin as fast as the nuclear force would allow them to spin. There would be no centrifugal pressures on the walls of the magnetic field and instead pressure would be exerted on the nuclear force of the atom itself.
    How a subsequent gravity field functions and whether there might be anti-gravity is an unknown. From a mathematical standpoint this approach should create artificial gravity for sure which could be very useful. Whether it could create anti-gravity is an unknown. It depends on the way that gravity is emitted and we don’t really know the answer. It may be that atoms emit gravity in one direction and anti-gravity in another, similar to the way that electro-magnetic fields occur. If the gravity field is stronger in one direction, then the net effect of all of these gravity fields added together is gravity. However, in the context of a Bose-Einstein condensate where all of the ions could be aligned then the gravity and anti-gravity fields would also theoretically align and gravity might be directed in one direction while anti-gravity is directed in the other. Alternatively, gravity would be expressed in both directions. It is possible that matter does emit both anti-gravity and gravity, just consider the different forces that actually hold atoms together. Some are repulsive and some are attractive. The repulsive forces are stronger, but the attractive forces span a greater distance. As a wild ass guess I would that that what one would see it a very intense localized repulsive force from one side of the device and a very expansive gravitational force from the other.

  • Also… The only thing holding the spinning atoms together is the nuclear force. Since there are no centrifugal restrictions on atoms spun on their access the energy levels in the system could be built up almost limitlessly until the nuclear force rips apart. If the nuclear force rips apart simultaneously across the entire condensate, which it conceivably would, then the amount of energy being released would be well beyond that of an atom bomb. Just doing some simple calculations here it would be enough to annihilate the planet if the right device was constructed. So it might be wise if this work was supervised by the government so that it never happens with enough material to wipe out the earth.

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