Important Gravity Papers

Mr. Nils Rognerud

Mr. Nils Rognerud

– Rognerud, 1991: “Free Fall of Elementary Particles; on moving bodies and their electromagnetic forces”.  This paper is a review of the problem of the observable action of gravitational forces on charged particles.  File download formats:

“Free Fall of Elementary Particles” paper in MS Word.
“Free Fall of Elementary Particles” paper in PDF.
“Free Fall of Elementary Particles” paper in HTML.

– Podkletnov, 1992 – the first paper appeared in Physica C 1992:  “A possibility of gravitational force shielding by bulk YBa_2_Cu_3_O_7-x_ superconductor.” 

– Modanese,  May 1995:  “Theoretical Analysis of a Reported Weak Gravitational Shielding Effect.”  File format:  PDF.

– Podkletnov, Jan. 1997:  “Weak gravitation shielding properties of composite bulk YBa_2_Cu_3_O_7-x superconductor below 70 K under e.m. field.”  File format: PDF.

– Modanese,  Nov. 1996:  “Possible quantum gravity effects in a charged Bose condensate under variable e.m. field.”  File format: PDF or Postscript

– Modanese,  Jan. 1996:  “Updating the Theoretical Analysis of the Weak Gravitational Shielding Experiment.”  File format: PDF.

Dr. Eugene Podkletnov

Dr. Eugene Podkletnov

Podkletnov, April 2006 – Dr. Eugene Podkletnov has published a series of scientific papers detailing the experimental results of what he called an “impulse gravity generator“.

The device reportedly produced hundreds of pounds of gravitational force in a non-diverging beam, capable of “punching holes through concrete and warping metal like hitting it with a  sledgehammer”. Podkletnov further added that this beam produced no recoil on the superconducting emitter itself. 

Download the interview and drawings (PDF format) with Dr. Eugene Podkletnov of this exciting breakthrough.  It is an amazing piece of research.