Important Electro-Gravity Papers

Mr. Nils Rognerud

Mr. Nils Rognerud

Important Electro-Gravity Papers

Dr. Eugene Podkletnov

  • Podkletnov, April 2006 – Dr. Eugene Podkletnov has published a series of scientific papers detailing the experimental results of what he called an “impulse gravity generator“.

The device reportedly produced hundreds of pounds of gravitational force in a non-diverging beam, capable of “punching holes through concrete and warping metal like hitting it with a  sledgehammer”. Podkletnov further added that this beam produced no recoil on the superconducting emitter itself. 

Download the interview and drawings (PDF format) with Dr. Eugene Podkletnov of this exciting breakthrough.  It is an amazing piece of research.

3 comments to Important Electro-Gravity Papers

  • karel uyttendaele

    in my website I give the experimental prove that gravity is an electro-magnetic force. You can see this in the described isotachophoresis experiments of part 1 and part 3 of the website. In part 2 of the website a give an other experiment where I confirm the electromagnetic nature of gravity. The origin of the electromagnetic force is in the nucleus of the atom and is a magnetic field created by induction when aproton is transformed into a neutron and vice versa by the exchange of a pion. This creates by induction a magnetic field in the nucleus of the atom. This is a new property for atoms which can explain gravity

  • ron groskey

    hello, I have an idea of how gravity works. My idea uses only known, proven and accepted facts of physics. This idea also shows how gravity can be redirected. The concept of anti-gravity is not possible but changing the direction of gravity is a matter that can be dealt with. The problem I’m having is getting passed the Einstein worshipers who won’t hear any idea that rocks the general relativity boat and that boat has a great number of holes already. I believe if this information about how gravity works is taken seriously it will be shone to be as good or better than any idea thus far. I’m not asking for acceptance only a fair exponible reason for rejection. If you believe you can help, please reply. Thank You, Ron

  • Agatha Lorentz


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