Another Free Energy Energy Claim – Review of the QT-Pi Device

Sacha Stone tried to make a big historical announcement regarding a FREE ENERGY Generator called QT-PI, in April 2017.

It consists of 2 copper coils and a high frequency generator, which puts out more electrical current than it consumers.  It plugs into your standard house electricity and the power gets amplified over 300%.  This sounds totally amazing, if true.

Sacha’s engineer Fredrik Stimmel says all the materials are completely off the shelf, using copper and a 3D Printer. Sacha says that market entry with governments are already in process of negotiations, and are helping to get it out to the people.

However, we still have no solid evidence of a overunity energy effect from the QT-Pi device, and only a small current demonstration at a conference in Bali – Ancient Futures : New Earth Festival.

Watch this video on why I believe this device does NOT produce any free energy:

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 -Nils Rognerud


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