Electro Gravity

Can the nature of Gravity truly be understood?

Currently, our most advance scientist on Earth can not explain the true nature of gravity.  We live with this force on a daily basis and yet the true nature of this force remains one of the greatest mysteries of our advanced technological society.

However, on this site you will see how it may be possible to explain Gravity as an electric pseudo-force.  (Def. of pseudo = false, not authentic)

Follow this steps to start your journey that will show a novel and simple understanding of the nature of gravity.

1) read a paper that details the nature of a unique electrical field with similar properties to that of gravity.

2) read about laboratory experiments, as well as observations from nature (on this page), that may confirm the existence of the electrogravity theory.

Is gravity is only a pseudo force?

Nobel price laureate Richard Feynman said that gravity may  only be a pseudo force… Here Pictureis a direct quote from his book “Lectures on Physics”, chapter 12-11:

“One very important feature of pseudo forces is that they are always proportional to the masses; the same is true of gravity.  The possibility exists, therefore, that gravity itself is a pseudo force*.  Is it not possible that perhaps gravitation is due simply to the fact that we do not have the right coordinate system?”

(Richard Feynman)

*Def. of pseudo = false, not authentic