Another Free Energy Energy Claim – Review of the QT-Pi Device

Sacha Stone tried to make a big historical announcement regarding a FREE ENERGY Generator called QT-PI, in April 2017.

It consists of 2 copper coils and a high frequency generator, which puts out more electrical current than it consumers. It plugs into your standard house electricity and the power gets amplified over 300%. This sounds

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Lab Research Notes for Hooper Motional Electric Coil

Update by Nils Rognerud: If you are interested in the research by Dr. Hooper on the motional electric field, I also recommend a study of some of the research notes from Francis Gibson [bolded text added by editor]:

Fig 2

Francis Gibson: “Fig 2 shows how we measured the presence of this motional

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Panel Discussion – The Purpose of Patents…

Here is an interesting discussions from the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference about the small inventor and realities of life. They claim that the purpose of a patent is to prevent big corporations from taking out their own patents on the same invention and blocking it from being used.

Peter Lindemann also makes an

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Townsend Brown and Capacitors

The Biefield-Brown Effect

Conservative science laboratories in both Europe and US confirmed and measured a force on charged capacitors, even when operating the capacitors in vacuum – which removes the possibility of ionic air-currents.

Saucer liftoff (model 2) by T. Townsend Brown and Agnew H. Bahnson at the Bahnson Company 1958. Note the high

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Rotating Cylinders from Japan

This experiment is very educational for understanding the nature of electrogravity. The experiment is done by charging a rotating cylinder to a high voltage.

A weight loss of around 1% is reported when the cylinder is rotating.