Free Energy – Out of Africa!

Max and Nils

Just like in the movie Out of Africa, interesting things still do come out of Africa.

In this short video, Foster Gamble talks about how we traveled to visit Maxwell and his invention in Africa. Max has invented a “free energy” device that produces large amounts of electricity from just “radio frequencies”.

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Alternative Energy Devices Revealed?

Maxwell S Chikumbutso

Are Free Energy Devices Possible?

On Sept 26, 2020 Foster Gamble will release the long-awaited documentary “Thrive II” about ways to flourish and prosper in this world, with both health and “free” energy devices.

This movie should be an eye-opener for most of the population on Earth, and I recommend you watch the movie trailer

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What is Free Energy, in Simple Terms?

“Free energy” is often misused to mean something that creates excess energy, like a perpetual motion machine.

This is sometimes defended on the basis of a free energy conspiracy theory. It has given rise to a whole lot of false pseudo-science.

However, in the video below I will explain and show several examples

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Why is the US Military Interested in UFOs?

UFO toy

What is the real reason behind the Department of Defense interest in UFOs?

One thing is to try to understand the underlying Physics of a rapidly accelerating UFO, as seen in the “tic-tac” video from the Pentagon below. Another thing is to reflect on why the military is so interested in these “lights in the

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Science Disclosure by Corey Goode

Corey Goode - disclosure

San Francisco, CA, USA Dec 20, 2017

Reports On Warp Drive, Extra Dimensions, Anti-Gravity etc

Corey Goode from SphereBeingAlliance recently came forth with some new unclassified science documents, that he claims have been released from the Dept of Defense. The documents deal with topics like:

Traversable Wormholes Stargates Negative Energy Warp Drive Dark Energy Manipulation

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